Hi, I'm Sofia

I'm a certified somatic coach, yoga, yoga nidra & iRest teacher and appreciator of deep connected rest.​ After 12 years of practice (living in traditional ashrams and practicing in studios) and 7 years teaching, I find myself working with various tools including yoga asana (poses), pranayama (breath work) and yoga nidra (a form of guided meditation, used to relieve stress, decrease anxiety, improve sleep and more).

Combining these approaches helps my clients (and myself!) navigate their nervous system (stress response) and connect to their body, so they can finally feel worthy of rest and relaxation.​

I am deeply passionate about deconstructing toxic productivity mindset!! For me and my practice/ teaching, this means exploring our need to be ‘doing’ something always, and normalising rest and self care (and community care) as every day (not indulgent) human needs.​ Aside from that I love house plants, learning and travelling. I also have three cute cats that remind me daily what it's like to rest guilt-free.

Over the years I've been teaching, one thing remains clear to me: Community is everything. Our practice is usually something we do alone, but our journey becomes so much more powerful with a group of like-minded souls on the journey with us.

I offer a range of classes and events to keep our community thriving- from free monthly yoga nidra classes, to yoga & brunch club, to retreats. Want to find out how you can join this incredible group of humans?

Community Feedback

'I decided to hire Sofia as a private yoga teacher after having a few bad experiences with group classes. I am very prone to injury and would always hurt myself no matter how hard I tried not to over train. Sofia understood my needs and what I was able to do since day 1 and developed a very personalised approach which made me gain strength gradually. Every combined with meditation and relaxation make my days calmer and happier! I can't recommend Sofia highly enough. She has such great energy, presence and really listens to you'- Luciana

'Sofia’s yoga classes have been an absolute blessing throughout the lockdown period. Even through a screen, I have felt connected during class and felt as though she was in the room with me! Sofia is very attentive and patient with all individuals and her calm and warm demeanour shines through, always. I have recently listened to one of her Yoga Nidra recording, which I highly recommend to anyone struggling to sleep or just needing to relax and concentrate on the breath. It has been a very useful tool during this testing time! I am looking forward to continuing my yoga journey with Sofia. Thank you for everything!' - Xristina

'We have been taking private lessons with Sofia fo the past two years. She is an amazing instructor. Really focused in understanding how do we feel and what our needs are so that she can give a class tailored to help us to improve our physical and mental health. Not only that she has a great personality being able to keep calm and teach even when our three kids decide to participate in the classes!' - Leticia and George

'Sofia's retreat was just what I needed to unwind from daily life. The location was fabulous, calming and serene. And Sofia's gentle flows and luscious yoga nidra restored my tired body and left my mind well rested and renewed...' - Natalie

'I have been regularly practicing online with Sofia for months and I couldn't be happier. Her classes are energetic, technical and very fun. I really like the flow and variety of her practice and her explanations make the poses very interesting and easy to follow. She gives individual tips and tailors the lessons to all levels so you can feel how your practice keeps progressing. She also makes her own playlists and yoga nidra recordings which are super relaxing! All in all, Sofia offers the best online yoga content I have found, highly recommended!' - Patricia

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